Why Launch?


  • Our High School is a top performing school receiving the highest possible accreditation rating in Colorado.
  • Our Personalized Learning Platform is self-paced, state of the art and nationally recognized.
  • Our Project-Based Learning approach is based on authentic problems and creates real-world skills.
  • Our Small Class Sizes and multiple coaches provide individualized attention to all students.
  • Our Entrepreneurship Program is unique, powerful and research-based.
  • Our Mentoring, Coaching and Internship Programs provide invaluable guidance and support.
  • Our Students start their own business ventures.
  • Our Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students to graduate with a high school diploma and a college degree at the same time.

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Here’s what students are saying about Launch…

“I really enjoy the teachers at this school and how willing they are to help us earn success.”

“The teachers do a great job explaining the material in manners that we as students can properly understand.”

“The classes are fun and the teachers are pretty patient and they seem to care more than most teachers at other schools seem to.”

“Teachers are very helpful and always there to give tips/help and keep you on track.”

“I love what Mr. Just brings to the table and what we are learning. It gets us really involved in what our passion is as a business.”

“We have full control of what we can become and what our project is.”

“The entrepreneurship program allows students to express their creativity and their hobbies in a way that not many schools allow.”

“I like the program and I think it is very unique and different from other schools.”

“There are no bullies in the school. I feel comfortable wherever I go.”

“Mr. Hanenberg is the best teacher.”

“No bullying issues, which most schools have.”

“I think that the fact that all of the different classes are small gives all of the students a better attitude and vibe.”

“All of the students are open, friendly and welcoming no matter who you are. The climate is very accepting and fun, while still getting work done.”

“Everyone knows everyone and this allows me to be comfortable among my classmates and peers.”

“Everyone is friendly and open to new people. We all get along easy.”

Here’s what parents are saying about Launch…

“We are only 2 months in but we are impressed!”

“Since the beginning Launch has had a strong leadership team dedicated to improving processes and innovating in the area of education. The vision of the leaders and the ability to implement things quickly has been a huge blessing to me as a parent, as well as the amount of quality programs, attention, and communication that I and my student receive from staff.”

“Miss DG and Mr Hanenberg have cultivated a love of learning in two subjects that our student has struggled in for years. We are shocked and thrilled to be watching this happen. Our student has said those teachers’ patience, willingness to answer questions thoroughly and creative teaching techniques are responsible for this exciting change.”

“The staff and teachers at Launch are dedicated to supporting and growing our child.”

“Our son actually enjoys going to school now. He has found his tribe.”

“Teachers and staff are beautifully invested in these kids. All of the staff have such a willingness to meet the kids where they are and support them in creative and constructive ways. My one hope for my child in attending Launch was that he develop a love of learning and ENJOY what he learns and be able to see how that info carries into the real world. Launch has exceeded my expectations in this area.”

“Our student has greatly appreciated the trust and autonomy given to them in e-ship. They have grown in creativity and analytical thinking since the beginning of the school year and have carried those traits into daily life as well.”

“Our child LOVES the entrepreneurship focus, and has become a more creative thinker/risk-taker.”

“Great opportunity to stretch out muscles of taking calculated risks and creating something meaningful.”

“My student feels very safe and secure in all ways. He enjoys going to school and all of the other kids. I feel like he is growing in so many ways.”

“I love that the school is small enough that the teachers know every student.”

“The school does an excellent job in providing an environment that supports friendships and makes kids excited to go to school.”

“Everyone has embraced both of my kids and helped them adapt to Launch. It is MUCH better than the public high school they were in!”

“The culture and climate is one that is personable, professional, and welcoming… and all together hilarious. From the students to the staff, you all know when to work hard but also when to stop and laugh. I appreciate this so much, both as a parent and small business owner.”

“We have been pleasantly surprised to see the level of respect, acceptance and inclusion between peers at Launch. Our student says that Launch is a place where “everybody is friends with everybody!” We have seen upperclassmen befriending and guiding our freshman student as well.”

“Our child feels valued and supported.”

“Our child has had a wonderful experience at Launch High School.”

“My son is actually excited to go to school. Wow! We love Launch!!”

“Launch is so inclusive and supportive. Thank you!!”

“The kids seem supportive of one another.”

“I was thinking recently that Launch has been instrumental in our son’s opportunities in LA. Not only did Launch fund the airfare for his first internship to the Mixroom recording studio his junior year but it also provided him with the mindset & freedom in high school to explore his interest in music. It was during that first internship that he met Mike, the artist that he is currently working with & who is encouraging him to step out even more in his musical talent. There has been little risk for him to pursue this dream while in high school & we all know that the risk increases exponentially as we get older. I believe his experience at Launch fits in line with what Patrick Cush envisioned…discovering your passions in the safety of the high school years, having mentors in your area of interest who can take you under your wing, gaining experience & internships before you even enter the workforce. I hope you are encouraged by his experience which you helped to create!”