Launch 2020 Seniors Post-Secondary Institution Scholarship Recipient Highlights

By June 17, 2020Uncategorized

Launch High School congratulates Class of 2020 graduates, who have been granted scholarship awards. The University of Colorado Boulder has selected Logan Wall as a $2,500 recipient of the Esteemed Scholars Bakers Award. This 4 year scholarship is based on exceptional merit. Logan also received a $1,000 Regent Scholarship from the University of Colorado Boulder, which is based on high academic achievement, rank in class, level of course work, and test scores. Additionally, CU Boulder has awarded Logan the Shultz-Spangler Memorial Scholarship which is bestowed on Colorado students in the College of Arts and Sciences who meet a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs also awarded Logan a 4 year $2,500 UCCS Chancellor’s Award.

Neyalla Gallagher has received a $20,000 merit-based University Scholar Grant from the University of Denver. Our 2020 salutatorian, Tyler Dobson, received a $2,000 Culver’s Foundation Scholarship. Megan Sanders, Launch’s 2020 valedictorian, has received a  $500 Early Action Award from Western Colorado University as well as a $1,000 Art Merit Scholarship and a $14,000 Slate Merit Award from Western Colorado University. (It is anticipated that this award will soon be replaced with a Valedictorian Full Tuition Scholarship!) For her high-achieving performance at Launch High School, Megan also received a $10,000 Chancellor’s Award, from UCCS. As she will be attending Western Colorado University and not UCCS, Megan will not be accepting this award. Congratulations Logan, Neyalla, Tyler, Megan and all of our Launch High School Seniors and families! Best of luck as you prepare for college and your professional careers!

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